Social Media Training: Staying Sharp in the world of Digital Marketing

Some people assume a business page on social media functions in the same way as a personal page. Others panic, fearing they’ll fall at the first hurdle and get it wrong.  Social Media is an increasingly vital tool for every business, yet many SMEs and small businesses remain unaware of just how best to navigate the maze of social media channels and the seemingly endless tools at their disposal.

Cut Through the Confusion

The world of social media can be quite confusing for the uninitiated.  It’s a world of endless choices; but with such seemingly limitless possibilities, how do you decide which path to take?  Developing a clever social media strategy requires planning and knowledge, whether your business is big or small. But it’s essential that you stay up to date.

Social media training can help you to make the best of your online presence, improving your businesses prospects in the process.

Why else should you invest in social media training for your business?



1.     Clarifying your Social Media Plan

Which social media platforms should you be using for your business? How regularly should you be posting? What should you be posting about? How do your activities stack up against your competitors? All of these things can be resolved through the creation of a coherent and cohesive social media plan, allowing you to focus on the correct social media platforms for you and discover how to engage with the right fans or followers.  Working with industry experts can help keep you up to date without the latest developments so you can keep up with (or stay ahead of) the competition.


2.     Avoiding Social Media ‘Fails’

Everyone’s heard at least one social media horror story over the past couple of years. The tales of jobs lost, reputations shattered and businesses irreparably damaged by poor social media management or the wrong post at the wrong time are starting to stack up at an alarming rate. The less you know about social media, the greater the chance you will fall into one of these traps.  Don’t panic! With proper training you most major social media fails can be avoided.


3.     Filling Knowledge Gaps

Whilst many people have at least one personal social media account, managing a company page is a very different animal. With your personal pages you are unlikely to be seeking to promote services or measure success in quite the same way as a company page demands. Social media training can help you to understand what is possible and give you the knowledge you need to make your online marketing a success.


4.     Gaining a Valuable Skill

Social media is here to stay, and as its dominance grows, so does the demand for people who know what they’re talking about. While there are many who are all too willing to label themselves social media experts, with the right training you can stand out from the crowd.

Social media training gives you the chance to add a very beneficial string to your bow!


5.     Saving Yourself Time

With all the other aspects of your business to keep a handle on, it’s easy to waste time fretting over what to do with your social media. Social media training helps you to make your social media marketing efforts more streamlined and more effective, letting your social media work for you, so you can work on your business.


6.     Developing Your Brand’s Voice

Social media training will give you and your team the skills you need to take control of your online image and identity in an ever-changing media landscape. You’ll learn how to develop your brand’s unique voice for your social media channels, and how to share your message with your social media audience.


7.     Maintaining Your Relevance

It’s all too easy to get left behind in today’s business world, and no-one things that being a luddite is ‘cool’ any more.  If you don’t exist online, you don’t exist.  It can be intimidating to take on the challenge of something new – but effective social media training will make that far less daunting by giving you the tools and the confidence you need to navigate social media effectively, leveraging the kind of impact your company really deserves.


8.     Beating the Competition

When you know how to use social media as an asset for your business, you’ll be able to be far more effective in your approach to social media marketing.  You will be able to lead the way rather than following, giving you a competitive edge over your rivals and opening up a world of new opportunities on the way


9.     Making Your Job Easier 

Abraham Lincoln said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  If you head off into battle unprepared and expect to pick everything up as you go along, expect to learn a lot about social media – and to spend a lot of time doing it!  Investing in some social media training will help to get you on track to a simpler, clearer way of working, saving you time and money in the long run.  No serious entrepreneur would refuse that!





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