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Social Media on the Move: 3 Essential Tools for Managing Social Media on your Mobile

Social Media truly is the marketing channel that never sleeps. In an increasingly 24/7, round-the-clock world, it’s never been more vital for businesses to demonstrate an understanding of social media and all that it can offer.

Becoming More Mobile Friendly

Managing your social media channels cannot be confined to normal business hours, your desk, or even your laptop. Good social media management requires you to stay one step ahead of the curve, spotting and curating shareable stories, monitoring engagement, and providing your audience with a steady stream of fresh, engaging and relevant content.

The benefits can be tremendous, giving you a solid platform to connect with your core customer base and even find some new fans and followers.

Sounds simple enough…right? Well, not quite.  For many businesses, the challenge of managing a corporate social media account on a smartphone can be quite daunting.  But it doesn’t have to be a chore.  With the help of some simple apps (and some inside tricks), you can save yourself time – and keep your business at the cutting edge of social media.

Streamline Your Social Media Efforts


Imagine being able to see all your social media profiles in one place, and then controlling what is posted to them and when? The latest and greatest mobile apps allow you to do just that, all from your smartphone or mobile device. This is great for strategizing and planning ahead of time, giving you the chance to schedule your posts, and use your time and resources more effectively.


  • Hootsuite is a great social media management tool with a user-friendly mobile app and a simple to understand dashboard function, which lets you keep on top of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages at once. The app also offers plenty of scope for altering and editing your posts and comes complete with integrated analytics, a valuable asset for those seeking to implement a winning social strategy. Well-suited to time-strapped small businesses.  Particularly effective for avid multi-taskers!


Keep Track of Your Reputation

Brand monitoring is as essential a part of social media management as discovering content or keeping on top of data – and thankfully for the active social media manager, there are plenty of ways to keep a handle on your reputation without being confined to your computer.


  • Mention is a social listening app which facilitates both monitoring and damage control, should you find your brand’s reputation in peril. With Mention, you can track and trace your mentions across social media networks and set alerts for particular keywords, allowing you to see the source of comments, set priorities to help you decide the appropriate response, and even share and delegate actions to different team members if required.


Take Notes on the Go

Don’t limit yourself to coming up with great ideas only when you’re at your desk.  Wherever the muse takes you, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can record all your ideas for your social media channels in the same place.


  • Evernote is a great app for preparing lists, planning your posts, and setting yourself handy reminders! Evernote also syncs with Hootsuite, allowing you to share information across both channels. This presents great potential to really enhance your social media activity, making Evernote the perfect tool for the social media manager on the go!


As social media management becomes ever more of a mobile business, these are just some of the apps which everyone in the industry should take notice of.  Having them handy on your smartphone or mobile device will help you to keep on top of your social-media-game, no matter where your life might take you…


And while it might sound glaringly obvious, it’s also important to make sure your device is up to the task when it comes to storing and managing these essential social media management apps.

With the right tools permanently at your fingertips, you can now stay on top of your social media wherever you are.
What is the social media management app that you can’t live without?


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