SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCIES: Why Have A Dog When You Can Bark Yourself?

We are all on Social Media or at least we are on as much of it as we want to be.  It was designed to be user friendly and ubiquitous and it has become just that.  So why on earth would you bother to pay a so-called “expert” to manage your social media for you?  After all, why have a dog when you can bark yourself?


Actually, there are plenty of reasons to do exactly that!


1.         You Don’t Know How To Use Social Media For Business


Sure you can post a few family photographs and even follow along on Twitter when you’re watching Question Time or the Strictly Come Dancing but that’s not what we’re talking about. 


Social Media is an essential element of your Public Relations and Marketing Strategy.  It is where many people will go to find information about your business and it is a rich source of potential new business.  Unless you understand how to harness the full power of Social Media, you are letting opportunities slip through your fingers on a daily basis. 


2.         Your Time Is Too Valuable


Even if you have the relevant expertise, effective management of social media for any business takes time.  And it’s probably time you don’t have.


If you run a small business employing just a few staff you might have a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account.  You post a couple of updates each day and respond to interactions with clients and potential clients.  You produce a blogpost or newsletter every week or so and you run a monthly facebook competition and a regular Facebook advertising campaign.


Even this very modest level of activity will take most business owners at least 4 and probably nearer to 8 hours per week.  That could be over 400 hours each year spent on social media.  Can you afford not to hire someone else to do that for you?

3.         Your Business Is Not Social Media


You are an expert in your field of business – but that is not social media. 


You generate the most value for your customers, and the most revenue for your business, by focussing on what you do best.  Every minute that you spend trying to run an effective Social Media Marketing campaign is time away from your core business.  Doing Social Media because you can, rather than doing the thing you know you should, is not good business.

You Have A Young Person In The Office – They Can Do It

Younger people tended to be the early adopters of social media.  The Millennials have grown up with mobile technology, smart phones and a totally connected environment.  They are ideally suited to manage the social media account of any business aren’t they?


Now that you say it out loud, it sounds like a bit of a generalisation, doesn’t it?  Maybe even chauvinism?  No-one is qualified to do a job just because they are a certain age.  There are plenty of silver surfers out there who are rocking it as digital marketing mavens, and plenty of youngsters who have been the architects of some epic social media disasters.


What’s more important is whether they understand the fundamentals of PR & Marketing, as well as the underlying technologies.  Do they understand your business and can they communicate your message clearly to your customers?  When dealing with a public relations crisis, will they be able to respond with a calm head?


Unless the answer to all those questions is a confident and resounding yes – you might want to re-consider who should be responsible for your social media.


5.         An Outsider Won’t Understand Your Business

Actually that may be true.  When you’re working with any external consultant, you need to invest some time to make sure they understand you, your culture, the services you provide and your particular goals.


But most businesses are not rocket science, and a qualified and experience digital marketer should understand what is required after taking a reasonably careful brief.  More importantly, they will know when not to make assumptions, and when they need to come back and ask for your input.


6.         You Are Up To Date With All The Latest Technology

Really?  With new social media channels launching all the time it is highly unlikely that you have the time or the energy to keep on top of them.  Social Media Marketers spend hours every day just keeping up with the latest developments so they can stay at the top of their game.


7.         No-One Can Sell Your Business Like You Can

Actually that’s probably not true.  Unless you are a world class salesman or an incredibly talented copywriter it’s highly likely that someone else can promote and market your business much better than you!


The job of a professional designer, or a copywriter or a digital marketer is to take the raw ingredients you give them – your brand – and turn those raw ingredients into the best possible version of you.  The best copywriters don’t write about your business the way you would – they write about your business the way you wish you could!


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The Takeaway


For many Business Owners and Managers the real issue comes down to giving up control.  That is where you need to make sure you are asking the right questions and working with experienced, qualified people whom you can trust to do a great job for you.


Not every business is big enough to justify it, but if you invest time and resource in the right Agency not only will you save yourself a lot of time, you will soon find your social media channels become a perpetual source of new business. 


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