“public relations


the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization”

Your reputation is your most valuable asset


Media Partners

Good PR is about creating relationships of value and ensuring that when you talk, people listen.  We identify the right media partners for you and work with them to make sure your message reaches your target audience.  We create content, write press releases and undertake professional copywriting to tell your story in an authentic voice that portrays the best possible version of you.


Online Communities

In the digital world, Public Relations includes working with online publishers as well as engaging with – and often establishing and leading – professional communities.

We can create and curate online environments that will allow you to connect with key influencers, as well as demonstrate your own particular expertise and establish you as an authority in your area.


Bespoke Events

If you’re serious about building your brand, we can get really creative, designing bespoke “Talk of the Town” events to situate you at the centre of your area of expertise.  We are able to host high-level round table events, bringing together industry leaders and key influencers to give you the opportunity to showcase your strengths and to create quality networking opportunities.


Managing in a Crisis

There are times when protecting your brand means controlling how a story is presented to the media, or keeping you out of the news altogether.  Not all publicity is good publicity!

Our experience and expertise in Crisis Management and Reputation Management, our understanding of the media and our strong relationships with key players in the media, ensure that when the unexpected happens, we can maintain control of your image and protect your reputation.




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