Standing out on LinkedIn: how to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Learning how to optimize your LinkedIn profile might seem a bit of a waste of time.

You are on LinkedIn. The people you know can find you and you can keep up to date with what your clients are doing. Isn’t that enough?  If that’s your game plan, then you’re missing out on 75% of what LinkedIn has to offer. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you will unleash a world of opportunity you never knew existed!

In just a few small steps you can transform your limp LinkedIn epitaph into a lead generation machine. All you need to do is remember 4 magic words


BANC Optimize your Linkedin profile


It’s just like money in the BANC if you remember the four key principles: Branding, Authority, Networking and Credibility.


So what does it mean to optimize your LinkedIn profile?


As the term suggests, the goal is to transform your profile into its “Optimal” state.  That means making yourself easy to find by potential clients and partners and showing yourself off to your best advantage. Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to create on the Internet the best possible version of you.


Your profile needs to be well designed, well organized, credible and professional. It must be a reflection of your offline identity, so be authentic. Take a look to make sure that your profile has:

    • Personal summary
    • Professional photograph
    • Link to your professional website
    • Work history
    • Education details

2. Authority
LinkedIn is a place for experts to communicate. What is your area of expertise? Your profile is your opportunity to demonstrate your authority and mastery of your specialist subject by including:

    • Relevant content
    • Qualifications
    • Endorsements
    • Recommendations
    • Projects and achievements

3. Networking
Primarily, LinkedIn is a great place to network. Your profile lets people know who you are, where you are and what you do. It as a virtual introduction.  Think of your LinkedIn page like the first few moments of a conversation with a new prospect. What do you want to tell them?

For example, if you are a lawyer, does it say that in your headline? Does your summary tell people the kind of opportunities you are looking for? Do your profile settings allow people from outside your network (but who may be interested in working with you) to connect?
Your profile should show you who you are the sort of person it would be good to connect with.

4. Credibility

It’s important to treat your profile as an online advert, but can you look too good? Is your profile too good to be true? It all comes down to credibility.

If it is true, it is never too good. Put your best foot towards and don’t be shy about telling the world how brilliant you are. In fact, LinkedIn acts as a showcase of your talent and expertise, you gain credibility when you list the awards you have received or when someone endorses you for a skill. But even better than what you say about yourself is what other people say about you. If you have qualifications from good institutions and you have worked for well known brands, you will have some credibility. If you have endorsements and recommendations from you clients and colleagues, someone who doesn’t know you, you will instantly be more likely to trust you.

Your mum always told you to judge a person by the company they keep.

Mother (1)

Optimize your LinkedIn profile now!


The New Year is coming so why not take time now to get ready for it. Take a long hard look at your LinkedIn profile. Are you impressed? Does it make you proud? Are you excited about what it would be like to work with this person? If the answer to any of those questions is NO, you need to optimize!


If you’re already too busy and too successful to do this yourself you can always ask for help. Ask a friend, ask a colleague or ask us. But don’t let yourself be judged by a dusty old profile. You’re an amazing professional, isn’t it time to let the rest of the world know that too?

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