You won’t fool the children of the revolution

“What’s all this about an Internet Revolution? I don’t believe in Social Media!”


You may prefer to sit on the sidelines while the lemmings and fools rush to jump on the next band wagon. You can watch them make their mistakes, smugly criticising from the safety of your sofa. After all, technology is not your thing. You’re not going to take the risk of looking like an idiot!


But while you’re sitting there waiting for this latest internet craze to be over, check out this powerful infographic from @KissCommunicationsMaybe it’s time to think again.


As a business, you can embrace it or you can ignore it, but whatever you do, Social Media is here to stay.  The revolution is quietly happening all around us and there will be blood!  So ask yourself just one question.  When it’s all over, which side will you on?

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