Business Intelligence


ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒ(ə)ns noun

1. the ability to acquire and apply knowledge or skills

2. the collection of information of commercial, military or political value.”



In the world of big data, a wealth of information is available from which marketing campaigns can be created. Prior to beginning a campaign, we conduct in-depth audience profiling, identifying your current clients and defining your ideal, target audience. However, this information is only of value if one knows how to apply it. We employ principles of persuasion science and behavioural economics, utilising cutting edge marketing strategies to develop your brand identity and win you the best clients for your business.

All aspects of a marketing campaign should come together in a cohesive strategy designed to drive the right clients to your door and ultimately, increase your profitability. We employ sophisticated marketing strategies, using our in-depth knowledge of search engine optimisation, market research and web analytics to ensure we are best placed to support our clients in their quests to reach their visions.

Creative marketing campaigns should earn you more business.  Email marketing should drive traffic to your website.  Social media marketing should increase engagement on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media channels.  Press releases should gain coverage in traditional and online media. The over-arching goal in all of these subsets is to earn you the right clients for your business.

At the heart of our agency is the common belief: marketing must win you more business and a return on your investment is the objective. We ensure businesses adapt to the digital marketplace, reach the right clients, and increase their profits.


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