Are you ignoring mobile?

In the last decade the usage of mobile devices and tablets has boomed. In addition to ordinary tasks like making calls and sending text messages, 44% of users regularly use their devices for surfing the web. Almost the same number of people use their mobile phones for social networking, with up to 42% accessing social media via their mobile phones and tablets, several times a day.

With the explosion of smart mobile devices with different formats, screen sizes and functionality, have you checked to see that your website looks good on each of them? If not then read on – this is for you!

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “responsive design”, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. “Responsive design” is just one of the latest terms used in web design to describe a site that responds to the device from which it is accessed. This means that your website optimised so when it is displayed it looks good no matter what device you use to look at it from. The flexible elements of the website’s design are dynamically configured to create the optimal viewing experience for the user.


It gives the website the advantage of being user-friendly, faster to load and easier to navigate on mobiles, while retaining full functionality for desktop based users. You also get to keep all of the benefits of a site that has been optimised for search engines and you avoid the additional cost required to design and develop several separate websites.

As the technology continues to improve many users are choosing to do away with desktop devices altogether. So pull your phone out of your pocket and load up your own website. Are you smart enough for mobile?

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