5 Christmas Marketing Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask

The nights are drawing in, the decorations are up and the allure of an open fire and glass of mulled wine is all too tempting.

But is ‘shutting up shop’ early costing you business? Whether you’re closed over Christmas, or simply mentally switched off for the season, you’re failing to capitalise on opportunities and missing out to your competitors.

We answer your questions about how and why the festive season affects business:


1.    Why does business slow down in December?

Businesses around the country come to a standstill as Christmas approaches, as if the chaotic Black Friday sales have caused people to lose their minds, as well as their wallets.

From the moment advent begins, businesses slow from a run to a jog, with many lagging behind in a mince pie induced stupor by mid-December.

It’s understandable – the distractions at this time of year are numerous, with parties and present purchasing taking precedence over client acquisition and business strategy.


2. Is Christmas madness bad for business?   


By regarding December as a disposable month, companies are reducing their productivity and profitability by 1/12. Apply that fraction to your working day and consider: would you finish 40 minutes early every day, just to don a paper hat and pull a cracker?




3. Do clients want me to be available?

Contrary to popular belief, prospective clients are still available as the holiday season falls upon us – regardless of the sector – and it’s guaranteed that if you are not open for business, a competitor will be.

Failing to provide a comprehensive service year round can be damaging. New prospects expect instant gratification, while existing clients expect regular communications.

Whatever your industry, failing to provide the service your clients deserve will have a negative impact on your brand, your growth and your profits.


4. How do I market my business during the festive season?

The Christmas period is an opportunity to capitalise on your lack of competition, to ensure your message is being heard while your competitors are silent.

In a marketplace in which fewer service providers are active, an organisation that is open, alert and receptive is in prime position for attracting and nurturing new business opportunities.

Your business should be:

  • Open and receptive
  • Offering seasonal discounts
  • Active online

The festive period is not only potentially lucrative due to the lack of competition in certain sectors – it is also the ideal time in which to market your services. With ‘sale’ signs adorning windows up and down the High Street, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t get in on the action.

Consider your services carefully and determine if there is anything you could offer at a discounted price during this period. Applying the proven marketing technique of scarcity can be beneficial. Offering your service at a discounted price for a limited time both appeals to prospective clients’ desire to receive value for money and encourages them to purchase immediately, rather than delay until after the busy Christmas period.


Santa on a white background pointing to an hour glass indicating that Christmas is fast approaching


5. Is it too late to create a Christmas strategy?

Pre-planning is a necessity to ensure your marketing strategy attracts the right clients and delivers growth. If you are not capitalising on opportunities now, at least use December to plan for the upcoming months, and ensure you hit the ground running in the New Year.

With the right marketing strategy in place, you can be miles ahead of your competitors while they are emerging bleary-eyed from the Boxing Day fug. Take advantage of the festive period and position yourself as the best service provider for your target clients.

After all, it’s better to give than to receive.


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