The Hidden Benefits of Paid Social

Why NOT advertising on Social Media is a Mistake that is costing you money!


While half of the world is still struggling to decide if Social Media is right for them, the other half has embarked on an altogether different adventure – supplementing or even replacing their traditional media spend with Social Media Advertising.

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Social media on smartphone

Social Media on the Move: 3 Essential Tools for Managing Social Media on your Mobile

Social Media truly is the marketing channel that never sleeps. In an increasingly 24/7, round-the-clock world, it’s never been more vital for businesses to demonstrate an understanding of social media and all that it can offer.

Becoming More Mobile Friendly

Managing your social media channels cannot be confined to normal business hours, your desk, or even your laptop. Good social media management requires you to stay one step ahead of the curve, spotting and curating shareable stories, monitoring engagement, and providing your audience with a steady stream of fresh, engaging and relevant content.

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Wightlink’s Social Media Blunder

Is Wightlink’s Social Media Policy Bad for Isle of Wight Tourism?

Wightlink had a problem on social media last weekend – and they didn’t even notice.

Things started out badly enough when the linkspan at Portsmouth collapsed, causing gridlock at the Portsmouth Terminal.  Island Echo led the way, sharing the news on Twitter, including this rather dramatic photograph from Steve Wright.

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