The TL; DR syndrome

The Internet is growing at an ever increasing rate of knots. And we are not talking about months, weeks or even days here – you can measure it in seconds!
For instance, did you know that 

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8 simple rules of Office parties

Is the Christmas office party your idea of heaven or hell? Do you relish knocking back a few sherries with your friends or dread having to spend a minute more than necessary with insufferable colleagues. Even if you lean towards the extreme latter, it’s pretty hard to avoid your office party and the social media furore which surrounds it, which is why sticking to these 8 rules will ensure you keep your reputation intact.

1. Turn on Facebook Timeline review
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The death of Organic Reach | Why Facebook knows best

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Town hall” meeting in early November was a chance for the public to pose questions to the Facebook founder.

The Q&A provided some light hearted answers about why Zuckerberg chooses to wear the same grey t-shirt, (his admission being that it’s one less decision to make each morning), to dismissing “The Social Network” movie as a true story, claiming he had never heard of the appletini drink which is supposed to be his favourite in the film.

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Standing out on LinkedIn: how to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Learning how to optimize your LinkedIn profile might seem a bit of a waste of time.

You are on LinkedIn. The people you know can find you and you can keep up to date with what your clients are doing. Isn’t that enough?  If that’s your game plan, then you’re missing out on 75% of what LinkedIn has to offer. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile, you will unleash a world of opportunity you never knew existed!

In just a few small steps you can transform your limp LinkedIn epitaph into a lead generation machine. All you need to do is remember 4 magic words

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blog word cloud on blackboard

11 steps to creating the perfect blog post

Even for a veteran blogger, writing a post can sometimes be a daunting process and with so much competition vying for readership, implementing these 11 tactics will elevate your blog post to another level.

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