Podcast: Episode 2 – Responsive Webdesign

So everyone’s getting pretty hot under the collar about responsive design. You’ve been reading all the arguments on the net about why it’s essential for your business to succeed. But it’s not always easy to get at the truth lurking behind the sales pitch.


But you really don’t need to spend too much time thinking about it. When you understand why you need responsive design to succeed on the internet, you’ll quickly be a convert.

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Video: 7 Undeniable Advantages of Responsive Design

Why you need to use responsive design … in just 40 seconds!

1. Increase reach to Mobile and Tablet users

2. Increase Sales and Conversion rate

3. Make Analytics easy.

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Are you ignoring mobile?

In the last decade the usage of mobile devices and tablets has boomed. In addition to ordinary tasks like making calls and sending text messages, 44% of users regularly use their devices for surfing the web. Almost the same number of people use their mobile phones for social networking, with up to 42% accessing social media via their mobile phones and tablets, several times a day.

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Podcast: Episode 1 – Social Media

Social Media is just for kids, isn’t it?  We think you already know the answer to that one!

Social Media is here to stay and you need to make it a part of your marketing strategy!  But you don’t need to be Michael Zuckerberg to be a big hit on Facebook and

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6 Steps to becoming social media savvy

So you’ve finally decided you need to do something about social media?  Everyone else is doing it and frankly if you play the “I’m too old to learn this game” any longer you’re going to become a bit of a joke.  But it’s all so overwhelming!  I mean really, where do you start?

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You won’t fool the children of the revolution

“What’s all this about an Internet Revolution? I don’t believe in Social Media!”


You may prefer to sit on the sidelines while the lemmings and fools rush to jump on the next band wagon. You can watch them make their mistakes, smugly criticising from the safety of your sofa. After all, technology is not your thing.

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Video: Social Media Revolution

There is much more happening on social media than you could possibly imagine.  Still not convinced?


Have a look at this short but compelling video by Erik Qualman,

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